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My name is Ravi Lescher and I believe that if you don't discuss the hard stuff, the challenges of life, they end up controlling you. And I think our fear to "show up" and have challenging but respectful discussions is keeping the cycle of dysfunction continuing - on both a personal and societal level.


I grew up in the suburbs where "keeping up with the Jones'" meant putting a nice face on things and hiding and feeling ashamed of the messy bits of life. I remember as a child desperately wishing that the adults would start dealing with their problems so that my family could be happier and more functional. And now, as a middle-aged woman, I live again in a community where I find that many feel the need to keep up appearances and that honest discussion is hard to come by.  


And I worry about the well-being of those around me. And I worry about the children. And I worry about the world. Because individuals make up families, and families make up communities, and communities make up the world.


And my hope is that in learning to get REAL with each other, we can shine a light in the shadows of the all-too-real human experiences so that we become healthier, more united, and who knows... perhaps we can help change the world.


Please feel free to comment on my posts. And I know that MY reality, based on MY life experiences, may be different from yours. So while this is a place to connect, it is also a place to respectfully discuss our disagreements so that we may better understand each other. 

So let's Keep It Real...


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