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It's No Wonder...

I am trying a system called Metabolic Renewal (created by a Naturopath/personal trainer that focuses on women's hormones and losing weight):

The jury is still out as I haven't started it yet. But reading the book that comes with it. Look at this hormone graph for Perimenopause:

Do you see the up/down fluctuations of hormones?! That's this phase of life! And the text reads: "...perimenopause can feel incredibly random, and it can drive your metabolism and your mind crazy as you try to keep up. As a result, you may be feeling motivated and clear one second, wired and anxious the next and depressed the next. No two days will feel exactly the same.You can feel like you're going a little crazy..." Yes! Yes! Yes!

I think I'll have this made into a t-shirt and wear it every day to warn people around me... lol.

Will keep you updated on how the program works for me. Wish me luck.

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