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Pedophilia - why are we so scared to talk about it?

As a mother with a child still at home, I am constantly apalled by stories in the news on pedophilia - the Catholic church, Boy Scouts, Michael Jackson, etc. And being a crime junkie, the sheer number of cases against children is horrific.

What I don't understand is why our society at large is so scared to have honest discussions about what is going on, on a regular basis, and against our children.

So far, fingers crossed, and to the best of my knowledge, no one in my family has been affected by sexual predators. But the statistics say AT LEAST 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18!!! Just sit with those numbers...

That means, whether we know it or not, we all know someone who has been sexually abused. And I can only suspect that why our society at large has difficulty discussing these topics is the fact that it IS so prevalent and there are so many "unprocessed" feelings around this. So much healing still to be done.

But what we don't acknowledge and deal with WILL control us! This has been a strong motivating theme in my life, and we see it played out in our world with all of the unresolved trauma around us. Could our world be a much better place with decreased trauma, less wars, more empathy for others, if we all had the courage to face our "stuff" and have honest discussions?

In all fairness, this honest dialogue is coming to the surface more and more, thanks to Oprah and all the "truth-tellers" in the media these days. But there is still so much more work to be done. How do I know? One little litmus test I have is this: whenever I do bring the conversation up with other moms I know, they become very uncomfortable in discussing it. Or if I post an article on social media that recommends how to keep our children safer, away from sexual predators, NO ONE responds!

It's either because they themselves are victims of sexual abuse and have not "processed" it, or they are so frightened that they don't know how to keep their children safe that they don't want to face it. Which is what keeps the cycle of abuse going! Silence is dangerous.

As a mother, how do you protect your children from people that are teachers, coaches, doctors, parents? And how do you let your child have an innocence free of fear when you are trying to protect them?

And the terrifying thing is, that when these predators "groom" the children, they create such an atmosphere of "love", that the kids don't even know what is happening is wrong!

Watch this Oprah interview about the Michael Jackson scandal. And feel free to discuss in the comments.


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